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Time changes in Guerin locations

In order to implement the security measures defined by the DGS, the opening hours of our stations have been changed. For information on the opening hours of all stations, we suggest that you consult:, or contact the Guerin Reservation Center at +351 210 100 200 (option 1 )

If the Customer is unable to return the car for the following reasons: - is being held in quarantine - You are abroad and cannot cross the border - You are in a location with entry limitations | exits (ex: Ovar) - Other situations not mentioned but related

You should contact the Helpline at +351 210 100 200 (option 2) or send an email to You must also ensure that the car is properly parked, and you must additionally share a photo with the km as well as the fuel level. If you are in quarantine, you must also send the related certificate, which will be added with your current contract. Internal procedure: the contract must be overdue until the driver is able to deliver the car.

If the Customer is unable to return the car, because he's in quarantine, but is able to designate another person to do so

It is possible, you should contact Guerin (contacts below), send the relevant certificate and share the information of the 3rd person who will deliver the car on your behalf. You should contact the Helpline on +351 210 100 200 (option 2), send an email to or directly contact the station where the delivery will be made ( / en / estacoes-guerin /)

Guerin is taking the right security measures to protect customers and employees

From the very first moment, measures were implemented to safeguard the physical integrity of Guerin Employees and our Clients, allowing to keep our company active, responding to the needs of all our Clients: - all our employees are working with a mask and gloves - disinfectant gel is available in all locations - in our main service locations, an acrylic barrier was placed to protect both the Employee and Client - we only allow 1 Client to enter a location - we recommend that the Customer maintain a minimum safety distance of 1 meter in relation to the Employee, as in relation to the other Customers who are waiting - we reduced the number of Employees who are permanently at the stations - we have limited the maximum number of Employees in contact with our vehicles - we have implemented safety measures for cleaning our cars: a) when the Customer delivers the car there is immediate cleaning of the steering wheel, gear lever and driver's seat b) Cleaning products are being used to clean and prepare all cars c) Employees who clean the cars are all wearing a mask and gloves

Guerin cars are being properly prepared (disinfected). What measures is Guerin taking in this area?

Guerin is using cleaning products already regularly used. However, at this stage, we have chosen to increase the concentration or its use without dilution, in a purer solution, in order to guarantee a higher concentration of the product and effectiveness (products with high alcohol content and disinfectant characteristics); In addition to strengthening the general cleaning of the car, greater focus is being given to the most sensitive points such as: - surrounding steering wheel and handles; - shift lever / knob; - handles, exterior and interior, of all doors; - vehicle instrument panel, including climate control buttons, radio, CD player, "4 turn signals”, GPS, etc .; - interior rear view; - all power window control buttons; - parking brake ("handbrake”); - all vehicle seat belts and "buttons” of seat belt blockers; - buttons on / off the interior lights; - vehicle seat adjuster (height adjuster, backrest adjuster, neckrest adjuster, distance adjuster for vehicle pedals). In addition to the procedures described above, whenever we become aware of a potential suspicious case of infection from a Customer, the car is immobilized for 4 days and only after that period do we proceed with the preparation of the vehicle, protecting Customers and Staff. The employees who clean / park / fill the cars are equipped with gloves, clean their hands with disinfectant gel and use protective masks. The technical and safety data sheets of the products used are available for consultation, if necessary.