About us


Drive your Life

A journey made of people.

Guerin started life as Rent a Car in 1989 with just 7 cars.
In the space of just one year, the fleet increased to 400 vehicles, a feat that inspires us to this day.
From there, its growth was continuous and it was not long before it drew the attention of the market, becoming a member of the Salvador Caetano Group in 1999.

The Company has faced good and bad times, and not only has it overcome the difficulties of an adverse market, it has grown and established itself at the top of the industry.
One of the results of this success was the partnership established in 2012 with Enterprise, the largest international Rent a Car company, which is still going strong.
Today we are the 2nd largest Rent a Car player operating in Portugal.

After this entire journey, and all these years, only one thing has not changed:

We are a brand made of people, to serve people.


To offer freedom of choice and movement for a better mobility experience.


A solution available at all times, for any distance and need.


Mobility is our reason for being.
Customer satisfaction is our motivation.


To be a leader in customer satisfaction and grow sustainably.