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Minimum age
The minimum age for driving a Guerin vehicle is 21 years, with the exception of vehicles in groups G, H, L, N and O, where a minimum age of 25 is required.


Maximum age

There is no maximum age to drive a Guerin vehicle, as long as the driving license is valid and meets all requirements.


Young drivers

All drivers with a driving license for more than 1 year but under the age of 21 can drive a Guerin vehicle, subject to the payment of a daily supplement up to a maximum of 10 days per rental, which is only applicable for MINI, C, P, E, E1 and SUVM.



Only the driver identified on the reservation and no rental contract driven the Guerin vehicle. For each additional driver a supplement will be added per day up to a maximum of 10 days per rental.

If there is a previous reservation in favor of the main driver for the same period of time, a new reservation cannot be made, except in cases where a previous reservation is canceled.


Special vehicles

Special vehicle rental is considered to be the rental of commercial vehicles and / or intended for the exercise of the Client / Driver's professional activity. For example, refer to the cases in which the Client intends to make "changes at home" and "cargo transportation", or the cases in which the vehicle is in professional practice. groups C1, Q, N, G, O, L, H, Z, 02, 02A 03, 04 and 05 it is necessary to previously preview the availability of such vehicles.



All reservations must be made by e-mail to the Guerin Reservation Center, or through the website www.guerin.pt.

As reservations will be confirmed by vehicle group requested. The make, model or color of the rented vehicles will not be the target of preference, the preference of the customers provided to availability at the beginning of the rental.

Economic vehicles with pick-up and delivery at Guerin counters, during office hours, will be automatically confirmed.


Reservation Change

The alteration of the online reservation must occur only up to 12 hours before the beginning of the rental through the Central Reservation by telephone (+351) 210 100 200, or to the e-mail centralreservas@guerin.com.pt, with the alteration of the booking may involve changing the applicable rental rate.


Booking Cancellation

The Client can cancel the reservation through the Guerin website (access to the client's personal area), or directly with a reservation center (central.reservas@guerin.com.pt), with the following rules being applicable:

1. Up to 48 hours before the start of the rental, the amount paid is fully refunded to the Client;

2. If the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the start of the rental, the request for cancellation of the reservation must be made by telephone or e-mail to the Central Reservation (centralreservas@guerin.com.pt):

one. If the reservation refers to a special vehicle: the amount paid is non-refundable

B. If the reservation does not refer to another vehicle: the amount corresponding to 50% of the reservation amount is refundable.

Duly substantiated cancellations such as flight cancellation and other credible personal reasons and / or force majeure are permissible.


Refunds Online reservations

The total or partial refund of the amounts paid is only made by the reservation center via e-mail (central.reservas@guerin.com.pt) or by accessing the client's personal area on the Guerin website.


Impossibility of Refunding Online Reservations

Failure to pick up a vehicle due to insufficient or invalid documents or failure to present a valid credit card capable of guaranteeing the deposit amount does not entitle you to a refund.

Likewise, the failure to present a credit card whose ownership belongs to the driver determines the cancellation of the reservation, without the Customer being entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.


No Show - No Show

Penalty of the driver's no-show in the act of collecting the vehicle, ie 100% of the reservation amount. Guerin gives a tolerance of 2 hours from the time mentioned in the booking. In case of Turn Down , when the driver does not fulfill the mandatory requirements for the pick-up, this penalty also will be charged.
This fee may not be applied in case of any of the cases below, however, it is always subject to Guerin’s decision:
  • Storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes.
  • Acts of terrorism or war.
  • In case of death, illness or major accident of the driver or family member, which precludes the trip as long as it is proven through a medical certificate.

Refund of unused days

There is no refund for paid and unused days, and there may only be a refund of the amount for extra products purchased at the rental counter.


Payment Methods

Credit card - the credit card whose ownership belongs to the driver must be used to pay for the reservation on the GUERIN website and used for the security deposit at the rental counter.

Debit card - the debit card whose ownership belongs to the main driver should only be used to pay for the reservation on the GUERIN website, and must be presented at the rental desk, and
the security deposit must be made exclusively by credit card whose ownership belongs to the main driver.

Virtual card (eg MB Way): proof of ownership of the account from which the booking amount has been debited must be presented at the rental desk in the following ways: open the application on your mobile device, presenting the transaction, or presentation of the bank statement proving the movement or, the proof of the transaction.


Security deposit

Present a credit card, also valid and in your name, for the security deposit *.

* The Credit Card used for the security deposit must be valid up to 30 days after the date of delivery of the vehicle.


Kilometer Limit

All rentals are limited to 2000 km. When this limit is exceeded, € 0.10 per additional km will be charged.


Out of hours

Deliveries and collections outside normal hours at Guerin stations at airports are subject to availability and confirmation by the Central Reservation Service, and this service is limited to 1 hour after the scheduled rental start date. An additional supplement will be charged for each service.