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Cookies Policy

Based on the functions of each cookie and for the purposes of its use, there are four categories of cookies:

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What are cookies?

"Cookies” are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer or smartphone through your browser or application. They only hold information related to your preferences and, as such, do not make use of your personal data.

GUERIN uses cookies on its websites, apps and social networks to improve performance and Customers’/Users’ browsing experience, increasing, on the one hand, speed and efficiency of response and, on the other, eliminating the need to enter the same information repeatedly.


Cookies may be:
  • Essential, allowing you to browse the website and use your applications, as well as access secure and reserved areas, helping to improve, through the collection of anonymous information, the way the websites and applications work, as well as understanding what is of interest to our users. We use these cookies, inter alia, to remember the information entered into forms and to register visits for statistical processing. Acceptance of these cookies is a condition for using our websites and applications.

  • Performance, allowing user preferences to be remembered for browsing websites or using applications, so you do not need to reconfigure and customise them every time you visit and use them. We use these cookies, inter alia, to check if the website is displaying consistent information and to remember if we have already asked if you want to register on a form. You may at any time control whether or not these cookies are used by adjusting the settings of your browser or application.

  • Targeting, allowing advertising to be directed according to the interests of each user, to allow advertising campaigns to be directed according to browsing habits and allowing connections to social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, among others, in order to also direct advertising on those websites. We use these cookies, inter alia, to share information, to allow the sharing of content on social networks, as well as to question you regarding the advertising or campaigns on our websites. You may at any time control whether or not these cookies are used by adjusting the settings of your browser or application.
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