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The best weekend trips from Lisbon

If you are looking for the best weekend trips to do near Lisbon, you must read this article. We have tips for every taste. Whether you’re looking for the quietness of a historical village, an adventure in the mountains, or the energy from the sea. Here, you will find 10 suggestions for places that you can’t miss, always with a Guerin station on the way you can rent a car in Portugal.

1. Sintra: A magical place 30 minutes from Lisbon

Pena National Palace Sintra

The perfect symbiosis between the nature from the mountains and the richness of the historical places makes this village one of the best weekend trips from Lisbon.
Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the romantic town of Sintra evokes various emotions in those who visit it.
Use the weekend to live different adventures. Walk through the narrow and colourful streets, take a hike to search for the mysteries of the mountains and taste the typical sweets at Piriquita, a century-old pastry shop known for its pastéis de Sintra, queijadas and the traditional travesseiros (it will be hard to choose just one).
Let yourself be carried away by medieval fantasy and live a fairy tale during your tours through the Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Monserrate Palace, or the Moorish Castle. 
Another mandatory stop during your visit is Azenha do Mar, one of the most beautiful coastal villages in Portugal.

2. Mafra and Ericeira: One foot in the sea, another on land

sandy beach Ericeira

When you combine Mafra and Ericeira on the same trip, you find the perfect balance for an incredible weekend.

Placed about 50 kilometres from Lisbon, Mafra doesn’t need presentation, with their amazing Palace and the rich biodiversity of the Tapada, it becomes a perfect programme for a day well spent (don’t forget to try the typical bread from the region, the unrivalled Mafra Bread).

Once you are there, finish your day at Ericeira, where you can watch the sunset on the beach, while you taste the sea in your fresh fish dish. 

3. Arrábida Natural Park: The perfect picture

Portinho da Arrábida beach

If contact with nature is something that you are looking for, the Arrábida Natural Park is one of the destinations to consider in this list of the best trips from Lisbon.
This place puts together de blue of the sea and the green of the mountains to create breathtaking views. The best way to take advantage of the park is by taking one of the many walking trails, they will offer you incredible views of the ocean, convents, forts and abandoned palaces that you don’t want to miss.
After a walking tour, there is nothing better than diving in the sea to restore your energy and revitalize your muscles. Choose one of the beaches in the region to finish your day (The Galapinhos Beach or the Alpertucho Beach are some of the many that you can explore). 

4. Coruche: An adventure in the sky 

village of coruche panoramic view

About an hour from Lisbon, you can find Coruche, one of the best destinations for the adventure’s ones. Considered the cork capital, Coruche is also known and chosen to experience a hot air balloon ride.
With Sorraia River and Lezírias de Coruche as background, this region also offers exciting water-based adventures. This is a prime destination for enthusiasts of water sports such as canoeing.
Don’t get us wrong because Coruche is also a good choice for the ones that prefer to keep their feet on the ground. There are walking trails and a lot of restaurants where you can taste the local gastronomy.

5. Óbidos: A journey through time

Óbidos Castle

Learn how to calculate cost of travel by car with Guerin. Are you ready to travel back in time? One of the best trips from Lisbon will give you that experience. 

Just one hour from the Portuguese capital, the Óbidos Medieval Village is an authentic, romantic, and picturesque place capable of transporting you for another time.

Surrounded by walls, Óbidos is a quiet village with a contagious peace, reasons that made it be considered one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal.

If all of this isn’t enough to heat and sweeten your heart, you must try the famous Ginjinha de Óbidos, a liquor served in a chocolate cup.

6. Rio Maior: Unique Salinas

 Sá da Bandeira square Santarém

Choose Rio Maior and you will not regret it, this is one of the best weekend trips from Lisbon that you can do. Rio Maior offers you the opportunity to visit a unique saline. Those are the only salt flats in the Portugal countryside, and they are located about 30 kilometres from the sea.
(Note: choose the months from May to October for this visit, this is when the saline is fully operational).

7. Santarém: Discovering the Ribatejo capital 

Road to the windmill

Santarém is the Ribajeto capital and the Gothic capital. Everywhere in the city, you can find gothic monasteries and churches, a paradise for history and architecture lovers. 
Just over an hour from Lisbon, this is a getaway that you really can’t miss. 
Walk through the streets and don’t come back without savouring the Pampilhos, a traditional sweet made of eggs and cinnamon, flavours typical in Portugal.

8. Serra do Montejunto: For the nature lovers 

island baleal Peniche

The Serra do Montejunto is another suggestion in our list of the best weekend trips from Lisbon for nature lovers. There are amazing rails and wonderful viewpoints for you to explore.
In this place, you can also experience an unusual thing. Visit the ice factory, an industry like no other, in Portugal. This factory has been open since 1741 and, at the time, was used to supply the court, which used the ice to cool drinks and make ice creams.

9. Peniche: Adventure with a sea flavour

Purple Sunset montargil reservoir

For the ones looking for a trip near the sea, Peniche is one of the options to consider. There you can enjoy and fall in love with the beaches, the views and the delicious fish stew, a typical dish.
This a paradise for the surfers and for all that love to enjoy the calmness of a walk by the sea. 
Something that you also must consider is the fact that in Peniche you can catch a boat to visit Berlengas, a Portuguese archipelago composed of granitic islands.

10. Montargil: Relaxing by the lake

In this list of the best weekend trips from Portugal, this is the furthest one, however, it is super worth it. It takes an hour and a half to transport yourself to a place where the time goes slower. This is the perfect trip to rest and relax, but also to practise sports in the hot water of the dam.  

Wherever you are in the country, Guerin will be with you, every kilometre of the way.

There are a lot of options for you if you are looking for the best weekend trips from Lisbon. Whatever your taste, there's an option for you and Guerin is at your side to ensure a smooth journey. 
You can choose the car that combines better with your journey, whether you're travelling as a family, with friends or with your partner.

Make your reservation at Guerin here and start your adventure with new experiences. 

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