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Covilhã, Portugal: what to visit

Covilhã, in Portugal, is a historical and natural treasure. Nestled in the majestic Serra da Estrela, Covilhã is known as the "City of Snow". But the truth is that the stunning scenery lasts all year round. Its preserved historic center is an invitation to travel back in time. Get to know its old streets and buildings with Guerin. What are you waiting for? 


view of Covilhã on a summer's day

What to see in Covilhã, Portugal: 7 must-see places  

1- Funicular Santo André 

Until 2013, you could only get to the city center by car. But times have moved on and so have the means of transportation in Covilhã Portugal. The city has invested in two funiculars and an elevator that take you to the center. The Santo André funicular is located at Escadas de Santo André and has a panoramic cabin that allows you to see your surroundings. It's free and you feel like you're on another level, 90 meters up. This is a way of visiting Covilhã from the top, don't you want to try it?  

2 -Elevador do Parque da Goldra  

Just the panoramic view from the Parque de Goldra elevator makes your visit worthwhile. A 40-meter-long ride that connects Goldra Park to Ávila and Bulama Street. When you reach the platform, you'll find the perfect place to take in the views. Take a rest on the benches there and stay a while.  

3 - Ponte da Ribeira da Carpinteira  

A bridge of unparalleled beauty and an extraordinary landscape setting. A line that crosses the valley, but not straight across. The curve that makes it perpendicular to the stream valley makes it even more elegant. If on one side you have Cova da Beira, on the other you have Serra da Estrela. Here, the surroundings also surprise the eye.  

4 - Igreja de Santa Maria 

Located in the heart of Covilhã's historic center, the Igreja de Santa Maria is one of the most beautiful in Portugal. Take a ride there with Guerin, it's the right choice. The church's façade is decorated with beautiful blue and white tiles depicting the life of the Virgin Mary. Inside, your attention will be drawn to the Neo-Rococo and Neoclassical gilded altarpieces.  

5 - Museu do Queijo 

At the Museu do Queijo (Cheese Museum), located in the parish of Peraboa, you'll learn about the process of making one of the best cheeses in the world. A Portuguese delicacy that is appreciated and recognized internationally. The visit ends on a high note with a tasting of the famous cheese.  

6 - Praça do Município  

As you descend into the historic center of Covilhã, Portugal, you'll find the famous Praça do Município or, as the locals call it, the Pelourinho. This is one of Covilhã's most dynamic commercial and tourist areas. It's a space that has undergone some changes over time. This without ever compromising its heritage value. 

7 - Vila do Paul 

24 km from the county seat, on the southern slopes of the Serra da Estrela, the village of Paul is one of the most historic and traditional parishes in the municipality of Covilhã. From the natural pool carved out of the crags to the river beach, there's plenty to choose from for kids and adults alike. If you prefer to get to know the older side of the town, there are some monuments that stand out, not only for their historical nature, but also for their majesty. Venture out to visit Covilhã with Guerin.  

Visit Covilhã with Guerin  

Get to know Covilhã and all its extraordinary corners in one of the many cars in the Guerin fleet. The adventure doesn't wait, rent a car and start planning your visit to Covilhã.

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