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Driving Tips - Guerin

Road trip: safety tips and more

On a road trip there are safety tips that need your attention. With these tips you can make your trip unforgettable. Want to make it even better? Just book your car with Guerin and set off to discover the best company. Discover the best tips for traveling by car now.  

Car travel: 7 essential tips

1 - Research the best route in advance 

Before you hit the road, always check the route conditions on apps created for this purpose. If you don't know the route, this step is even more important.  
During the trip, always have a GPS ready. Check for gas stations that are open 24 hours a day so that you can schedule rest stops and, if necessary, refueling. 

woman traveling by car

2 - Choose your departure time well 

Traveling during rush hour makes car trips much more tiring. Always leave as early as possible to avoid traffic jams. This way, you are much less likely to be stranded on the way and can get on your way smoothly. 

couple navigating with a smarth phone

3 - Travel after resting

Many accidents are caused by sleeping at the wheel. For a safe journey, try to rest well the night before or, if possible, take turns at the wheel with your co-driver.
If this is not possible, and you are still tired, try to stop safely and rest. Continue your journey as soon as possible, full of energy.

two young women driving along a street

4 - Transport children correctly

Regardless of the length of the journey, the use of child seats is always mandatory. They must always be suitable for the size, weight and age of the children. Not using them implies a fine of between €120 and €600 for each child transported improperly. 


getting ready for a road trip

5 - Pack your luggage correctly 

Care must be taken to distribute the weight inside the car so that it does not interfere with its balance. It is also not recommended to carry luggage on the roof, as it alters the center of gravity and influences the vehicle's behavior when cornering and braking. 
If you carry loose objects in the cabin, they can violently hit passengers in the event of sudden braking or accidents. These are some tips for safe car trips. 

man packing in his luggage suitcase

6 - Always carry a travel kit

Car journeys are fraught with unexpected events. From traffic jams to delays, there's a lot to take in. If you are traveling with children, you should always carry a whole kit in the back. This should include: tissues, plastic bags, sunscreen, insect repellent and medicines. 
And a separate kit, in case hunger strikes, with water, cookies and fruit. A good playlist also helps pass the time. 

young boy in a carseat with a snack

7 - Always adopt safe driving practices

Safety tips for a road trip are never too many. It is essential that during your trip you adopt safety measures to ensure your well-being and that of the other passengers. Among them, we can also highlight: 
- Do not use your cell phone while driving;
- Always respect the signs and keep within the recommended or mandatory speed;
- Always brake properly when cornering;
-Do not forget to use the minimum, medium or maximum properly. 

Hit the road with Guerin

All set to go? All that's left is the most important thing: choosing your favorite rental car. At Guerin you have a wide fleet of cars to choose from. Now you're all set.

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