Qualifications for Members

Individuals (and not companies, firms or other bodies) over the age of eighteen (18) can become members of the Guerin Unique Program, operated by Guerin, by filling out the single registration mechanism below, for enrolment purposes in the Guerin Unique Program (each individual is one "Member"):

Using the Guerin Mobile App: In order to enrol in the Guerin Unique Program, download the Guerin mobile App, available on the App Store (IOS) and Play Store (Android). You will be automatically enrolled once you register and create an account. Members must supply all the data requested to be part of the Program. Members cannot have more than one Guerin Unique account. Only one individual can be enrolled per account. In the event that more than one account number is attributed to the same person, the duplicate account can be cancelled and the Points, Qualifying Rentals and Qualifying Rental Days may be transferred to the remaining account (excluding any enrolment or other bonuses that can only be gained once per members, as specified in the promotion terms and conditions).

The enrolment in the Program begins on the date when the Member completes any of the enrolment mechanisms ("Enrolment Date") and shall be in force until the Member terminates their enrolment (which can be done at any time), unless Guerin terminates an enrolment at any moment due to a breach of these terms and conditions, breach of any other rental agreement between the Member and Guerin, overdue debt balance greater than ninety (90) days of rentals in circulation, fraudulent acts, or an account that is inactive for more than thirty-six (36) months. The rescission of an enrolment enters into force when the Member receives prior notice, through the email address (customerrelations@guerin.com.pt) or telephone contact (+351 210 114 712). In the event of a reservation cancellation, the points earned will be added to the Member account and removed following internal validation.
Members have the right to cancel their enrolment in the Program at any time, by notifying Guerin to this effect. This program is not retroactive, i.e., any client that has made reservations before the day of launch of this program, you will not be able to benefit from points of these rentals.

Member Account & Information on Activity

Members can log-in to the Guerin mobile App at any time to view their account and manage its activity, the balance and profile information, through the menu and their personal area.


Communications to Members

By taking part in the Program, Members agree to communicate via electronic means. Members are to keep the email address they supply Guerin updated. For this purpose, members can update their email address in their personal area of the Guerin mobile App. Electronic communications can be delivered to the last email address on file at Guerin. All electronic communications shall be considered "in writing” and received up to 5 (five) business days following their sending. Guerin reserves the right to send communications in hard copy, using the Member’s most recent postal address on file at Guerin. Members agree that any due prior notice under the Program, including any notices required by law can be sent via email to the email address indicated by the Member and on file at Guerin. Without limiting any information contained herein, the Member agrees that they are solely liable for maintaining their email address correct and up to date and that Guerin can assume that any email sent by it to the email address on file will be received by the Member. The consent to receive communications will remain valid until Members revoke such consent by terminating their association with the Program, except for the possibility of Members being able to choose at any time to subscribe or cancel receiving electronic communications that contain marketing messages.


Rentals and Qualifying Rental Days

"Qualifying Rentals" must meet the following requirements:

"Paid Rentals": A rental under the brand Guerin during which the Member entered into an agreement for one or more days of rental.

The full name in the Member’s personal area must coincide with the full name on the driver’s licence of the driver in the rental agreement.

"Qualifying Rental Days " are paid rental days associated with a Qualifying Rental.

Qualifying Rentals and Qualifying Rental Days do not include the types of rental below:

- Replacement rentals for insurance purposes; car stand replacement; replacement rentals by car repair shops and garages.

- Rentals included as part of a tour or travel package.



Member Status Levels

The Program has three Status levels: "EXPLORE”, "LIVE” and "LOVE”. Members reach each status based on the number of Qualifying Rentals by the end of each year. The "EXPLORE” status will be for 0 to 2 rentals per year, "LIVE” will be for 3 to 14 rentals per year and the "LOVE” status will be for 15 or more rentals for year. Additional hours or partial days charged (hourly rates) will not count for the purpose of Qualifying Rental Days.

All the status levels will be reviewed one year after the client has registered.

For instance, if a member is in the "LIVE” status (minimum 3 rentals), after one year, Guerin will check whether they maintained the minimum number of rentals to continue enjoying the "LIVE” status. If there have been no rentals, or 1 or 2 rentals in this period, their status will be lowered to "EXPLORE”. However, if they have hired 15 or more rentals, their status will be upgraded to "LOVE”.

Guerin will send the updated status level to all enrolled Members so they can have the information before any change to their status.

Launch promotion:
Anyone who enrols until end of September will be given "LIVE” status automatically, until end of 2017. In January 2018, all status levels will be reviewed according to the logic mentioned above.


Allocation of Points and Benefits

The program allocates points for each reservation, according to the rental days and program status. These points can be exchanged for add-ons, vehicle upgrades and many more advantages, soon to come.

Points never expire.

The Benefits and Points per Status are as follows:

"UNIQUE Line” is the name given to the dedicated queueing line for customers registered in the UNIQUE Program with "LIVE” or "LOVE” status so they may continue on with their journey as soon as possible.

Using Points

You can use your points and exchange them for add-ons or vehicle upgrades. To do so, please send an email while making your reservation, or shortly after, to centralreservas@guerin.com.pt or call the number +351 210 100210, indicating your reservation details and asking for an exchange of points for the add-on or upgrade you wish. All upgrades and add-ons are subject to availability.

Claiming Points

If you’ve already made a reservation and haven’t earned points for it, claim your points by sending an email to customerrelations@guerin.com.pt or call the number +351 210 114 712, indicating your personal details and the reservation number in question, and we will proceed with the operation pending internal validation.

You can claim points after Guerin UNIQUE Program registration date and with no retroactive effect.

Exchanging Points:


Vehicle upgrades

*All add-ons and upgrades are subject to availability.

Guerin UNIQUE Line Acess

Only members with the status "LIVE" and "LOVE" will have access to "Guerin UNIQUE Line".

General Terms and Conditions of the Program

The Program’s terms and benefits will change over time. The Member will be given reasonable due notice of any material changes that occur and, if this is the case, a reasonable opportunity to use any benefits collected or cancel their participation in the Program, subject to any applicable laws. The Program is null where it is forbidden or restricted under the law.

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