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Driving Tips - Guerin

Tips for drive in the rain

Some people like the rain! Some like to stay at home in the comfort of blankets, popcorn and movies. Others like to go on adventures and travel in the cooler seasons.  
But to drive in the rain you always need to take extra care. Travel and safety are two words that always go well together, rain or shine. So find out from Guerin everything you need to do to drive on rainy days.  

Driving in the rain: tips 

Wiper blades working perfectly  

Wiper blades are essential when driving in the rain. Make sure they are in good condition and, if they start to scratch or stain, replace them immediately.  

Windows always demisted  

To make sure you can see the road perfectly, always keep your car windows demisted. Slightly open side windows or proper ventilation will prevent the windows from fogging up.  

Avoid sudden movements as much as possible  

Braking or sudden movements on wet asphalt can cause you to lose control of your car. Whether it's raining or not, try to drive smoothly and take your time. This will prevent the possibility of aquaplaning.  

Lower gears on climbs 

Rain interferes with the grip of your car's tires. That's why, when going uphill, lower gears can help the wheels to skid less on the wet road surface.   

Avoid water tables  

Try as much as possible to avoid water tables. If you cannot see the road surface, always drive carefully. If you enter one, avoid braking or turning the steering wheel. In these situations, the best thing to do is wait for the tire to grip the road again.

Checking the condition of your tires  

Good condition and proper tire pressure make driving in the rain less dangerous. Before setting off on a winter adventure, check the condition of your tires at a service station near you. If you travel with Guerin, you know that safety is guaranteed.  

Keeping a safe distance from large vehicles  

Trucks or buses can create jets of water that reduce visibility. Try to keep an even stricter safety distance when the weather is bad. 

Use all four indicators in case of danger 

To alert other drivers that you are about to make a sudden change in your gait, you should turn on all four indicators. Just in case you need to pull over to the side of the road or suddenly drive more slowly.  

If possible, avoid driving in very heavy rain  

If you think you are putting your life at risk by driving in very heavy rain, pull over and wait for the weather to improve. It's not worth the risk. 


A cold weather adventure with Guerin  

With Guerin, anything is possible. Set off to discover the best car in the Guerin fleet to accompany you on a less common adventure, with more rain and cold. On a weekend getaway or to enjoy a holiday, discover a Portugal embellished by cold weather. Always be careful.

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