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Driving Tips - Guerin

Learn how to change a car tire

A flat tire while traveling? There's no cause for alarm, Guerin is here to teach you how to change a car tire. It's simpler than it sounds, Guerin helps.  
If while driving your car starts shaking or you hear a noise you can't identify, you may have a flat tire. Learn how to proceed.  

How to change a car tire: essential materials  

You never know when you'll need to change a tire. If you rent from Guerin, you already know that we make sure your car has everything you need for any unforeseen circumstances. In the case of your private car, it's important to check that nothing is missing:  
- Vehicle manual; 
- Replacement tire (check air pressure regularly); 
- Jack and wrench. 

How to change a car tire: step by step  

The chronological order of the steps is what often confuses drivers. At what stage to put the signal triangle?  Should you unscrew the screws completely at the very beginning? By the end of this article, there will be no doubt. Learn now.  

car problems

Stop the car and shift into 1st gear  

To unscrew the bolts without difficulty it is essential that the wheels are unlocked.  

"Pulling" the handbrake

To change the tire, the car must be completely stationary. This is the only way to ensure that the car does not suddenly start moving forward.  

Signal properly  

Before getting out of the car, turn on all four indicators and put on your reflective vest. Afterwards, place the triangle 30 meters behind your car so that it is visible at least 100 meters away.  

Loosen the bolts  

With the wrench, unscrew the tire bolts counterclockwise. Do not unscrew completely, that step is further on.  

Jacking up the car  

With the jack positioned next to the tire you are going to change, lift the car until it is off the ground. If you are having trouble finding it, consult your vehicle manual.  

Completely loosen the bolts 

A few steps ago you loosened the tire bolts, now it's time to unscrew them completely. To avoid losing any, keep them together in a safe place.  


Removing the tire  

Hold the wheel on both sides and remove it from the axle housing. You may not be able to get it off first time, in this situation, push lightly to loosen it.  

Fit the spare tire and bolts  

Fit the rim with the spare tire and place the bolts with a slight hand tightening only, as the wheel may not be aligned.  

Lower the car and remove the jack  

Lower the jack until the car is back in balance.  

Fully tighten the bolts  

Now, with the car on the ground, fully tighten the bolts. This will ensure that you can continue your journey without any further mishaps.  

Safe travels with Guerin  

Now that you know how to change a tire car all that's left is the most important thing: choosing the car to rent from your rental car of choice. Guerin, of course. With a vast fleet at your disposal, choose the car that best suits your adventure and get going.

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