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Driving Tips - Guerin

How to choose a car to rent on vacation

Sun, beach, sea and sightseeing. That's what you're looking for in a good vacation. Before the suitcases are packed and the itinerary planned, there's a lot to do. This time, Guerin's tips will help you figure out how to choose a car for your vacation. This is the first step to a restful vacation. Discover the best tips with the best travel companion. Guerin, that's for sure.  

How to choose a rental car: 5 tips 

Choosing the right car  

Before you rent a car, it's important to understand your needs. Will you need a spacious car? How many people will be in the car? Knowing all the details will help you choose the most suitable car for your trip. At Guerin we have a wide fleet of vehicles to suit your adventures.  

Check the necessary documentation  

In the process of renting a car, it is always necessary to be accompanied by certain documents. Find out in advance what they are and organize them so that nothing gets left behind. 

Car inspection  

When you pick up your car, make a detailed inspection of the vehicle to check that there is no damage. Take photos or video to record the condition of the car before use.

Renting in advance  

Renting in advance will ensure that the car you want is available, especially if you need it during peak season. 

Check the return features  

So that you are not charged more than initially stipulated, deliver the car on time. Check the return schedule in good time to avoid misunderstandings.  

Contact customer support  

Always have your customer service contact at hand during the rental period in case of any questions or emergencies. Now you're all set for a safe journey.  

Go on an adventure with Guerin 

Car for rent? At Guerin we've got you covered. Choose your rental car from Guerin's vast fleet and set off to discover the best company. Whatever your destination, Guerin is always with you.

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