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Explore the best destinations: Guerin

Discover the best kid-friendly travel destinations

Traveling with children can be a challenge, but we're sure that these trips will result in incredible memories. Before you hit the road with the kids, and in the company of Guerin, find out which are the best kid-friendly travel destinations.

Travel destinations with children in the North  

The North is an exciting region that combines culture and innovation, traditional and modern. Stay longer. Get to know the North with Guerin. 

  • Viana do castelo   
  • Guimarães 

Viana do Castelo  

Museu da Fábrica do Chocolate  

On an exciting journey through the past of chocolate and the origins of cocoa, the Museu da Fábrica de Chocolate will delight the little ones. Enjoy an interpretive experience about chocolate and cocoa with a strong technological and interactive component that the Museum has to offer.   

Funicular de Santa Luzia 

Connecting Viana do Castelo railway station to the Sanctuary of Santa Luzia, the Santa Luzia Funicular makes the longest journey of all the funiculars in the country. With its 650 meters, get ready to take the kids on a unique experience with an incredible view.  


Curtir Ciência- Living Science Center  

The Guimarães Living Science Center has given new life to the premises of an old tannery. It's now a place for children to discover, where the memories of a traditional industry and experiences of scientific culture coexist.  

Teleférico da Penha 


Connecting the city center to Monte da Penha, the Teleférico da Penha was Portugal's first cable car. Throughout the journey, the view of the city of Guimarães and the green landscapes make the trip worthwhile. Children will love the adventure in the air.  

Travel destinations with children in the Center 

Inland, you'll find traditional villages. On the coast, the small fishing villages. And everywhere, you'll find a heritage that makes you lose yourself in the region's history.   
  • Aveiro   
  • Lisboa 


Museu do Brincar  

With kids in mind, and adults too, the Museu do Brincar promotes all kinds of games. Fun is guaranteed here. With the various activities and its huge collection of toys, the enthusiasm of those who enter the Museum is also guaranteed.  


Travel with Guerin to the Ria de Aveiro and discover the salt pans that bring together fresh water from the Vouga and Antuã rivers and salty ocean water. In a unique experience, take the children to discover how salt is extracted. Go further, try the salt pools that are open to the public during the summer and let the children float until they can't.  


Jardim Botânico de Lisboa 

Belonging to the National Museum of Natural History and Science, the Jardim Botânico de Lisboa combines its unique beauty with a huge variety of species (between 1,300 and 1,500). Let the little ones explore each of the paths through the fantastic gardens.  

Oceanário de Lisboa  

One of the largest indoor aquariums in Europe, the Oceanário de Lisboa is a must-visit with the kids. Magical and gigantic, lose yourself for hours watching the enchanted underwater world. Take a ride with Guerin and let reality mix with fantasy. 

Travel destinations with children in the South

From the beaches to the gastronomy, from the climate to the tranquillity, in the South, you feel welcome. Discover the nooks and crannies of this impressive region with Guerin.  
  • Costa da Caparica  
  • Lagos

Costa da Caparica  

Fragata D. Fernando e Glória 

Still on the same wavelength, take the little ones to see the Fragata D. Fernando ll e Glória, which is now a museum ship. Climb aboard for a unique journey through history and feel like a real sailor. Take a guided tour and introduce the children to the history and functions of each of the spaces.  

Museu do Surf 

The Surf Museum is a space dedicated exclusively to the sport where you can, for example, find images from 1927, the first in Europe. The vast collection of surfboards revealing the evolution of the sport is sure to delight the little ones.  


Parque Aventura de Lagos

If you prefer extreme sports, we have a solution for you too.  With tree climbing and paintball activities for the whole family, Parque Aventura de Lagos is your next destination. Venture into the tree climbing with courses of 3 levels of intensity or have a color war in Paintball.  The adrenaline will be pumping.  

Zoo de Lagos  

If the colony of African penguins isn't amazing enough, wait until you see the spider monkeys. Lagos Zoo is the ideal place to discover new species with the little ones. The 150 species of animals are waiting for you, so set off on your adventure.  

More family adventures  

Whatever your destination, Guerin will accompany you. Discover all the rental cars we have available and set off on an unforgettable adventure with the little ones. Whether it's a zoo or a museum, once you've rented your car, you're off to discover. Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of each destination with Guerin.

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