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Discover what to do in Peniche - Portugal

What to do in Peniche, Portugal? This is a beautiful and unique fishing town that has a lot going for it. A must-see destination where you can feel its traditions and culture. Located on a peninsula with a perimeter of about 10 km, where its western end is Cape Carvoeiro, Peniche has a lot to know. Tour this city with Guerin. Get started now.  

What to do in Peniche, Portugal: 6 suggestions   

1 - Surfing at Supertubos Beach 

Considered, nationally and internationally, one of the best beaches for surfing and bodyboarding, Praia de Medão is popular for its waves. The perfect and tubular shape of the waves justifies its famous name: Praia de Supertubos. Catch these waves and expect to find surfers from all over the world, all year round.  

2 - Sunset at Cabo Carvoeiro  

Extraordinary at any time of day, but especially magical at sunset. One of the most emblematic points of the municipality of Peniche and one of the most recognized landscapes at national level, Cabo Carvoeiro is a must stop. Enjoy the privileged view of Berlengas Island from the Cabo Carvoeiro viewpoint.  

3 - Sailing to Berlengas Island 

The landscapes that leave us speechless are complemented by the irresistible color of the sea, which invites us to take an immediate dip. To visit the Berlengas island, take a boat in Peniche or choose another means of maritime transportation.  

4 - Stroll through the historic center 

The historic center of Peniche invites you to take a leisurely walk or a drive to appreciate every detail.  The streets were designed with ruler and square, after the destruction of Peniche during the earthquake of 1755. The traditional houses, with tiled facades, cast iron balconies or with a colorful "frame" around windows or doors, stand out and ask to be immortalized in a photograph.  

5 - Shopping at the Municipal Market of Peniche  

Generally, the Municipal Market of Peniche has a greater variety of products on Saturdays, but the quality remains throughout the week. Located at Rua António Conceição Bento, a visit to the market is a must. Go to get to know the place and buy quality local products.


6 - Try the cuisine  

Take the car and look for the best restaurants in the area. Going to Peniche means taking your belly out of fish misery. Turbot, kingfish or ray, always accompanied by boiled potatoes, are mandatory dishes when passing through Peniche. Try also the delicious lobster soup, the classic grilled sardines and, last but not least, the famous Peniche stew.   

Set out to discover with Guerin 

Visit and discover Peniche like no other in the best company - Guerin, that's for sure. Choose your rental car from Guerin's vast fleet and drive around this beautiful town from one corner to the other. Wherever you go, Guerin goes with you.

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