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Explore the best destinations: Guerin

Discover the best places to travel with friends

Planning a fun vacation with the best company? Portugal has the best places to travel with friends. From north to south, you can choose between waterfalls and the sea, nature and the city, partying and tranquillity. Guerin tells you all about the best destinations in Portugal in this article. Don't waste any more time, choose your route and join Guerin.

two friends on a road trip

5 places to travel with friends 


Located in the north of Portugal, the Serra do Gerês is a symbol of nature at its purest. With its green landscapes, viewpoints, rivers and waterfalls of untouchable beauty, it is one of the most extraordinary places to travel with friends. 
Spend your days diving into the clear waters of the waterfalls and the breathtaking landscapes. Renew your energy on the trails surrounded by nature, go to the thermal baths or choose a trip to the spa and, perhaps, take your picnic basket with you and choose a beautiful spot for a unique moment with friends. 

Waterfall in Peneda Gerês National Park


The breathtaking views of the River Douro and the enviable gastronomy of the city of Porto invite you to a memorable getaway with friends. A city with lots to do, you just have to go. Take advantage of the day to explore the Baixa area, Ribeira and Avenida dos Aliados in a Guerin car.  
In the evening, change your plans. Enjoy an unforgettable dinner in one of the many luxurious restaurants in the center of Porto. Afterwards, there's plenty to choose from. A quieter plan on a rooftop or a trip to a nightclub? The choice is yours. Spontaneous plans are always the best.  

Porto cityscape and Douro River view on a sunny day


To visit Peniche is to combine the best of three worlds in a single destination: nature, beach and history. Come and live an experience that awakens all the senses in a group. The unique landscapes of the Berlengas Islands, the strong traditions associated with the fishermen and the incredible bays will take you on a trip with friends with so much to experience.  
Choosing Peniche is choosing a trip full of adventure. The perfect waves and offshore winds provide excellent conditions for surfing and other water sports. Get ready for an eventful vacation. 

Group of surfers on the beach


For a trip full of beach and fun, head south to Albufeira. This is the perfect combination of a dream vacation with friends. During the day, time is divided between walks in the city center and trips to the beaches with fine sand and turquoise water.  
At night, the plans are different. The movement that you feel on the beach during the day is transported to the restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There's plenty to choose from. Enjoy this adventure surrounded by friends.  

 View on a beach in Albufeira, Algarve

São Miguel Island 

The island of São Miguel in the Azores is a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic. The contrast between the volcanic landscape and the flower-rich landscape invites you to discover this island as a group. Don't miss out on any nook and cranny, rent a car from Guerin and discover São Miguel from one end to the other.  

Experience the culture, the people and the unique landscapes that surround it. The beaches and waterfalls will take up most of your time, but don't forget to explore the magnificent viewpoints, the villages, the towns and, most importantly, the city of Ponta Delgada. Here, there's plenty to share with friends.  

Woman observing the lagoon of the seven cities on the island of São Miguel

More Portugal to discover with Guerin 

Whatever your destination, Guerin will accompany you. Discover all the rental cars we have available and set off on your adventure. Whether you're going to the city or the beach, once you've rented your car, set off to discover. Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of each destination with Guerin.

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