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Places to visit in Central Portugal: the best destinations in the region

Looking for an adventure on the beach, in the mountains, among truly magical villages or with a natural park in the background? Then pack your bags, because a wide range of places to visit in Central Portugal awaits you. Find out what to see, what to taste and where to stop for a trip that will fill your luggage with unforgettable memories. With Guerin, of course.

Nature in its purest form: find some places to visit in Central of Portugal

The Centre of Portugal is the destination for those looking for a diverse landscape, but also a unique offer in terms of gastronomy, tradition, and sporting activities. It is possibly the most complete region of our country and, for many, a secret still well hidden, waiting for you to take the ideal car to set off on your adventure. 
It doesn't matter if you're travelling with friends, family or alone. Portugal has this distinguishing feature of being able to open its doors to everyone. Welcoming you as if you were home, opening windows to the best local offers, always with an unbridled sense of pride. Perhaps that's why it was so difficult for us to select just a few places to visit in Central Portugal.

Aveiro: the Venice of Portugal 

Aveiro has earned the title of "Venice of Portugal". This is due to the countless canals that run through the heart of the city, giving way to the Portuguese gondolas - beautiful boats known as "moliceiros” - that nowadays walk all the curious passers-by.  
So it's not surprising that this is the first activity highlighted in the Centre of Portugal. Among all the places to visit in Central Portugal, the historic city centre of Aveiro, where you can admire the Art Nouveau-style houses that remain. Don't miss the chance to discover the old railway station with its beautiful tile panels, the imposing old Jerónimo Pereira Campos ceramics factory and the Aveiro Museum, located in a former convent. 
Between stops to sample the delicious "ovos moles", the city's ex-libris, it's time to get back behind the wheel and drive to Costa Nova. If photography is one of your favourite hobbies, get your camera ready, because the striped houses - in colours that leave no one indifferent - invite you to fill up your memory card. Your memory will be filled with great emotions.  

Viseu: in the lands of Viriato 

Viseu is a city that has grown around its historical legacy. From the Cathedral to the Grão Vasco Museum, to Viriato's Cava, it's one of the must-see places in Central Portugal. With a beautiful historic centre, explore Rua Direita, one of the city's main streets and well-known by those who also travel along Estrada Nacional 2. 
Discover the two gates that remain from the old wall, built by King João I to defend the city: Porta do Soar and Porta dos Cavaleiros. Take the funicular to visit the Cava de Viriato and be sure to try the sweet named after this Lusitanian leader.

Serra da Estrela: the best of Central Portugal

In the lands of Serra da Estrela, you'll find some of the region's best treasures. And what are the best places to visit in Central Portugal? Start in Portugal's "highest" city: Guarda, visiting the imposing square that houses the city's cathedral. Head to Covilhã, a university town that has taken on a new colour with the WOOL Festival, which every year hosts dozens of urban art artists to transform this Beira town. 
We can't talk about Serra da Estrela without touching on gastronomy. The cheeses are a must in the region, as are the famous sausages, the quality of which comes from the pasture that serves the region's animals.  
On your way up to the Tower, there is the Vale Glaciar viewpoint, which offers a breath-taking view of one of the largest glacial valleys in Europe, 13 kilometres long, the Vale Glaciar do Zêzere. 
The region is also home to some of Portugal's most beautiful historical sites. So, if you want to visit the centre of Portugal, don't miss Sortelha and Belmonte.

From Piódão to Coimbra: a journey back in time 

There's no such thing as too many schist villages, especially when you've developed a series of hiking trails that show you the nature that surrounds them in its purest state. Piódão is a perfect example of this. The schist houses and bridges make it look like a play village, and you can also take a dip in the natural swimming pool. 
When it comes to the best places to visit in Central Portugal, if there's one city that can't be left out, it's Coimbra. Better known as the "city of students", thanks to one of the oldest universities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here you must visit the Royal Palace, the magnificent Joanina Library, the Old and New Cathedrals, as well as the Church of Santa Cruz. 
The historic centre deserves just as much time, and you can't miss one of the most renowned estates in Portugal's history: Quinta das Lágrimas. For the younger ones, there's always the option of visiting "Portugal dos Pequenitos".  

Tomar: the city of the Knights Templar 

This Nabantine city may often be off the radar of national and international tourists, but the truth is that it deserves all our recognition as the beautiful historic city that it is. And if we're going to venture on a journey that will stick in the memory, then the history of Portugal can't be left out. 
Ceded to the Order of the Templars by King Afonso Henriques, Tomar preserves a unique historic centre in the shape of a cross, with an equally beautiful convent at each end. At its centre are the Church of São João Baptista and the Town Hall. But of the four convents (Convento da Anunciada, Convento de São Francisco, Convento de Santa Iria), the most renowned is the Convento de Cristo. 
It was listed in 1983 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a vast combination of architectural influences, such as the mythical Manueline window, and Gothic-style wings, but also Romanesque and Renaissance. Nearby, don't miss the Pegões Aqueduct and the Church of Santa Maria do Olival. 
Among some of the places to visit in Central Portugal, don't forget to take your car to discover the beautiful city of Abrantes, as well as Constância. The route takes you to one of Portugal's best-known castles and home to countless tales: Almourol Castle.

Leiria: the castle with a breathtaking view 

The Leiria area offers a range of activities, from mountains to hiking trails to the beach. But there is nothing like starting this exploration adventure in the heart of the city. The stunning castle was rebuilt in 1915 and is now one of the most charismatic of all the examples we still have.  
Situated on top of a hill, you can visit the keep, the Church of Santa Maria da Pena, the Royal Palace, and venture along the ramparts, which offer a 360º view of the city.  In the historic centre, discover the beautiful Casa do Arco, visit Rodrigues Lobo Square, and stop to taste the delicious "Brisas do Lis".
If we're talking about places to visit in Central Portugal, Óbidos will certainly be on every visitor's list of options. The small fortified town is unrivalled in its beauty, nestling comfortably within the castle walls. Every year it hosts the "Folio" Literary Festival, as well as a series of activities such as the Medieval Fair and the Christmas Village, among others.  
Take advantage of this cultural lift to visit the imposing Batalha Monastery. Its construction began in 1386, but it wasn't finished until 1517. Discover the fabulous cloisters and its chapels, known as "imperfect".

All the places to visit in Central Portugal with Guerin 

Exploring Portugal is a long-term adventure. A journey of pure discovery, of testing the palate, of trails that embrace the best of our nature, of beaches waiting for you to bury your feet in their golden sand.  
When it comes to getting to know the Centre of Portugal and everything there is to visit, choose Guerin as your partner. There are dozens of stations waiting for you all over mainland Portugal, as well as the islands. Discover the fleet available and start your adventure now.

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