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Driving Tips - Guerin

Snow in Portugal: driving tips

To see snow in Portugal, you need to go to Serra da Estrela or Bragança, for example. A winter getaway comes in handy at this time of year. Before you hit the road with Guerin, learn about the precautions you should take when driving in snow. 

snowy mountain in Serra da Estrela

6 driving tips: how to drive in snow in Portugal

1. Turn on the low beam  

You may be driving during the day and even feel that turning on the dipped beam won't make a difference, but turn it on anyway. That way, other drivers can spot you more easily. This is such a simple action, but it could prevent an accident. Remember, you're never alone on the road.   


cars driving on a snowy road

2. Drive slowly and keep a safe distance 

Driving on ice or snow in Portugal requires you to slow down a lot. As with rain, when it snows you should drive more slowly and keep an even greater safety distance.  
If you come across ice on the road, be extra careful - it can take 10 times longer to brake your car. Haste is your greatest enemy on the road. 

3. Avoid sudden movements  

Driving in snow can be a challenge. Driving slowly and keeping a safe distance can often not be enough. It is essential not to make any sudden movements so as not to lose control of the car.  
A more sudden maneuver can cause you to skid, get stuck or worse. The car can behave in totally unpredictable ways. You can't be too careful.  

car driving on a road with curves

4. If you skid, don't panic  

Slippery roads are a driver's worst enemy. If you feel your car skidding, the first thing to do is stay calm. Keep in mind all the tips already mentioned and try to steer smoothly. Never take your hands off the wheel and don't brake suddenly.  

5. Remove ice from the glass

On the harshest winter days, it's normal for a layer of ice to form on the car window. We have an infallible tip for this: just add cold water or, if you don't have any, turn on the air conditioning. And don't forget, prevention is better than cure. Always have a salt kit in the car.  

6. Expect the unexpected  

Snow in Portugal is not something that happens often. Remember that you are never alone. So try to keep as much distance as possible, turn carefully and be alert. Other drivers may not have taken the necessary precautions for driving in snow. Be careful and enjoy Portugal's winter destinations
With you and your trip to the snow in mind, Guerin offers a range of complementary products to help you stay protected. Choose the Driver and Occupant Protection product and travel safer and with fewer worries. 

Snow travel with Guerin  

Winter can also mean getaways with family or friends. Just take extra care and follow Guerin's advice for a safe trip to the snow. Choose the rental car from Guerin's vast fleet that best suits your trip and set off on your adventure. The next destination is the snow.

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