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What are the 5 best roads to drive in Portugal?

Portugal is a country full of natural beauty, stunning landscapes and rich history. Considered the 2nd country in the EU with the best roads to drive, its panoramic roads are one of the best ways to explore everything this country has to offer: truly amazing and breathtaking landscapes, where in every curve of our mountains there are true "hidden treasures".  
As such, we have prepared for you an article, where we elect and present the 5 best roads in Portugal, which provide an incredible travel experience and unforgettable moments. Rent a car with Guerin and enjoy the ride.

moody day in forest

Know the best roads to drive in Portugal 

1. National Road 2 (N2) - Chaves to Faro  

The National Road 2, called the "Portuguese Route 66" is one of the longest and best roads in Portugal, stretching from Chaves in the north of Portugal to Faro in the south of the country. Traveling along this road is a unique experience, as it allows you to explore the diversity of the Portuguese landscapes. Along the way, you will pass through mountains, valleys, plains, rivers, and historic towns. It is a great opportunity to get to know the country's culture and history, making stops in emblematic places, such as Viseu and Évora, highlighting the stretch that connects Almodôvar to São Brás de Alportel, considered national heritage. 

trajan bridge chaves

2. National Road 222 - The Douro Valley 

According to a study, widely quoted by the international media, the National Road 222 is the best road to drive in the world. There are 27 km of a route, where those who drive it describe it as going "straight to the heart of the Douro Valley, offering breathtaking views over the terraces".   
Traveling through the Douro Valley, a region famous for its wines and the production of the famous Port wine, along the way you will be treated to breathtaking views of vine-covered hills, picturesque villages, and the majestic Douro River. 

cais das pedras Douro River

3. The Surrounding Vicentine Coast 

The Costa Vicentina, located in the southwest of Portugal, offers one of the most impressive coastal landscapes in Europe. This is one of the best roads in Portugal that runs through this region and a real treat for nature lovers. With panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, impressive cliffs, deserted beaches and small fishing villages, the journey  provides a unique and peaceful experience. Be sure to explore the trails and hidden beaches along the way. 

campers parked costa vicentina

4. The National Road 112 (N112) - Portela do Vento to Castelo Branco 


The stunning National Road 112 connects the municipalities of Pampilhosa da Serra and Castelo Branco, stretching over 94 kilometers, with a special emphasis on its passage through the top of the Serra do Açor. 
Driving along National Road 112, you will marvel at its sinuosity and natural charm. At each curve, you will be presented with breathtaking panoramas, from breathtaking valleys to majestic mountains.  
This road, considered one of the best roads in Portugal, also offers several opportunities to stop along the way.  A chance to absorb the essence and beauty of Portugal.

sunset at mam tor

5. National Road 222 - The Atlantic Route 

The Rota do Atlântico, in central Portugal, is a road that offers the perfect combination of maritime and rural landscapes. The road winds along the coast, passing dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, charming fishing villages, and beautiful beaches to take a dip. In addition, those who pass through here will have the opportunity to explore the charming coastal towns, such as Nazaré and Peniche, and have the chance to enjoy the delicious seafood-based cuisine. 

skyline nazare funicular beach

Discover Portugal with Guerin  

Exploring the best roads in Portugal is an exciting way to experience the diversity and beauty of this enchanting country. From the wine-growing landscapes of the Douro to the wild coast of the Costa Vicentina, each road offers a unique experience and unforgettable moments. And Guerin always goes with you! So, get ready for a spectacular road trip and discover the wonders which await you along the 5 best roads in Portugal.

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