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Discover 7 beautiful villages in Portugal

Villages are where traditions are kept alive. To visit them is to travel back in time and learn about the stories behind them. Discover the best villages in Portugal with the incredible company of Guerin. 

granaries of Soajo

Villages in the north of Portugal: the 7 must-sees 

1 - Aldeia de Pontes, Melgaço  

For lovers of nature, hiking, lakes, waterfalls and local culture, the next destination is Melgaço. The aldeia de Pontes is a winter village that has been given a new lease of life after being uninhabited for 15 years. With the reconstruction of its houses, which embrace local memories, the village once again has its streets full of people, ready to tell their stories. Enjoy the absolute quiet, which allows you to reconnect, and the walks that take you to unique places. The Pontes Waterfall, the Poço do Contador, the Moinho and the Pontes Aqueduct are some of the stops you won't want to miss.   

2 - Village of Gimonde, Bragança 

Trás-os-Montes hides a small, typically Trás-os-Montes paradise that seems to have stood still in time. The village of Gimonde has a lot to offer to those who pass through. The stunning landscapes and the rural daily life are the ideal setting for a weekend getaway. On arrival, what stands out is the Ponte de Gimonde, commonly known as Ponte Velha, which crosses the river Malara. Gastronomy is one of the main reasons why tourists come and stay in Gimonde. The bread, whose recipe remains the secret of the gods, the olive oil and the high quality meat from the region are all delicious.  

Gimonde bridge

3 - Ucanha Village, Tarouca  

Ucanha is a magnificent little village lost in the Douro, ready to be discovered. The beautiful monuments and views over the peaceful Douro vineyards invite you to stay a little longer. Not to be missed is the Ponte de Ucanha, at the entrance to the old Salzedas couto and the famous monastery. This bridge, built in the 12th century, is considered one of the most beautiful medieval bridges in Portugal. To finish on a high note, and even for those who don't like sparkling wines, a visit to the Murganheira cellars is a magnificent experience.

4 - Village of Pitões das Júnias, Montalegre  

Located in Montalegre, this historic village is set in one of the most unique rural environments in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. There is constant contact with nature and the culture of the village. Here, you are transported to the quiet, traditional and picturesque atmosphere that the lands of Barroso have to offer. To put on your must-see list are: the Monastery of Pitões das Júnias, which was considered a National Monument in 1950, and the Pitões Waterfall, fascinating as soon as you enter. Take a stroll along the wooden walkways that take you to the waterfall, which is a great plan in itself.  

Pitões das Júnias Waterfall

5 - Village of Soajo, Arcos de Valdevez  

In a unique natural setting, the village of Soajo is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a family outing. There's heritage, scenic beauty and plenty of tradition to discover. Start by getting to know the 24 granaries that are the main reason for many people to visit. Then, just under 1 km from the granaries, you'll find a little paradise called Poço Negro. Go for a swim or just admire what's in front of your eyes.  

6 - Lindoso Village, Ponte da Barca  

There are 1,300 inhabitants who give life to one of the most beautiful villages in Alto Minho and Portugal. Lindoso is known for its castle, which was once the scene of some of the toughest battles. Today, it offers a privileged view over the village, its granaries and the dam reservoir. Get even closer to Lindoso by taking the trail to the Louriça Antenna Viewpoint. As well as the panoramic view over Lindoso and the Serra Amarela, you'll be amazed by the Rio da Escada waterfall and the rock engravings of Pedro de Porto Chão. 

7 - Village of Estorãos, Ponte de Lima 

The village of Estorãos, in Ponte de Lima, is small in size but big on heritage. The Romanesque bridge of Estorãos, surrounded by greenery and set in a rural setting, invites you to take a dip in its river beach. If you're not into bathing, explore the Azenha de Estorãos leisure area and the rustic mill. Before setting off on another adventure, discover the Church of Estorãos, built over a Roman temple.  

Through the villages of northern Portugal with Guerin

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