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6 winter car maintenance tips

With the arrival of bad weather, driving carefully is not enough to guarantee your safety. You also need to make sure your car is ready to face the harsh winter conditions. If you opt for a Guerin car to accompany you in your daily life, we'll take care of everything. If you choose your own, we'll give you some winter car maintenance tips. Find out everything in this article.  

Winter car maintenance: 6 tips

1. Wiper blades  

As soon as your car's wiper blades begin to show less cleaning capacity, it's time to change them. The colder weather demands more from this component. So check the wipers every fall/winter. Poor visibility can put your life and the lives of other road users at risk.  

2. Lights 

With the days getting shorter, good lighting is crucial. Regularly check the functioning of all the bulbs and, just as importantly, their intensity. Don't forget to clean the plastics on your headlights, as dull headlights don't illuminate the road as well.  

3. Air conditioning  

Air conditioning, contrary to what many people think, is also very useful during the winter. It's the best solution for fogging up car windows. And for this solution to be even more effective, clean the windows regularly with your household window cleaner. 

4. Tires

Correct tire pressure doesn't just contribute to your safety. Fuel savings, noise reduction and greater longevity are also some of the benefits of correct tire pressure. Make sure you check your tire pressure once a month and take the opportunity to monitor the condition of your tires.  

5. Brakes  

With winter upon us, we know we can't be too careful on the road. Slippery road surfaces and more dangerous braking mean that the pads, discs and the entire braking system must be in perfect working order.   

6. Shock absorbers  

In winter, road degradation tends to increase. That's why, in addition to the tires and rims, the shock absorbers are also affected. A visual check can help detect possible oil leaks and mechanical damage. It should be noted that shock absorbers in poor condition put your safety at risk as they increase the braking distance. 

In winter there's also adventure

With Guerin's advice, looking after your car in winter has never been easier. If you prefer, rent a car from Guerin's vast fleet and leave these worries to us. Winter can also mean getaways with family or friends. You just have to want to. Set off on your adventure with Guerin.

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