Can I extend the rental agreement by telephone?  

No. Extensions can only be made in person at any of our stations, and not only at the place where the contract was signed. 
The rental agreement grants a grace period of 29 minutes. After this period, the additional amount due for the rental corresponds to 24-hour periods of the prevailing National Public Rates, which usually has a value higher than the one contracted initially.

The date scheduled in the agreement to return the vehicle has expired, how should I proceed?

The rental agreement must always be updated. If the scheduled date of return of the vehicle has passed, you should go to any of our stations in order to rectify this.

I have an internet payment contract through a tour operator, can I extend the contract directly with Guerin, taking advantage of the same tariff that was applied for the initial payment? 

For this purpose, you should contact the tour operator with whom you booked directly. If the extension is made locally at one of the Guerin stations, the applicable value is shown in the public tariff schedule in force.

I made the reservation online with a tour operator, can I cancel the reservation directly with Guerin?

The reservation can only be cancelled with the tour operator that received the respective payment, so cancellation is subject to cancellation and refunds policies agreed upon with that entity.

I am seeing prices for car rental on the internet (outside the Guerin website or via a broker), however I would prefer to rent directly from Guerin, can I make the reservation with you?

Yes, however, the applicable rate will be different from that on the partner sites. When making the reservation directly with GUERIN, its own tariff will be used.

Can I drop the vehicle off at an office other than the one where I picked it up?

Yes, but an additional travel fee between 40€ and 150€ (one way national) may be charged, depending on the places of origin and destination of the trip, where the destination office is in a different region from the initial one. You should request the applicable information on your particular contract at the time of picking up the vehicle, or when making your reservation.

I do not have a credit card, can I use a debit card for a deposit?

No, for the purposes of excesses and deposits, Guerin only accepts credit cards (valid for at least 1 month after the end of the reservation) in the name of the holder of the rental agreement.

I have already made a reservation, but I do not have credit card. Can I use a family member’s credit card?

It will only be possible to use a credit card belonging to someone other than the customer if the cardholder is present when the car is picked up thus designated as the main driver. An additional driver can be appointed on payment of the extra service. During the rental period, it is only possible to link a hire contract to the credit card presented as well as the customer themselves. 

In reservations made on the GUERIN website it is necessary to present a credit card, however, I do not have a credit card. Can I ask a family member to lend me their credit card, even if they are not designated as a driver?

No. When picking up the vehicle, you will need to present a valid credit card, in the driver's name and valid for up to 30 days after the date on which the contract is due to be finalised. The card will be used to make the security deposit. 

At the time of booking through your website, I indicated a credit card, however, I want the rental fee to be debited from a different credit card. Is this possible?

No. The credit card presented at the time of the online booking by the Driver will be the credit card to which the rental fee will be charged.

I do not have a credit card. Can I use a virtual / digital credit card (created through a smartphone or computer application)? Can I use credit or debit cards intended for currency exchange (example: N26 and Revolut)?

Yes, but you must provide proof of payment using one of the following methods:
- Open the app on your phone that shows the transaction;
-Provide a bank statement showing the transaction or proof of the transaction.
To make the deposit/credit authorisation, you will need to provide a credit card that is valid for up to 30 days after the date on which the contract is due to be completed and is in the name of the main driver. If you do not have a credit card, you will not be able to rent the vehicle.

I am going to rent a car with Guerin, how do I pay the tolls and the ex-SCUTs (shadow tolls)?

The Toll Service is purchased at the beginning of the rental contract and is legally required in Portugal. It allows you to pay for all toll roads in Portugal, including those with electronic tolls.

This service will only be activated if you pass through a SCUT and/or toll using the device. You will only be charged for the number of days you use it (€1.85/day plus the respective tolls and SCUTs, maximum 10 days - 1 day is considered to be between 00:00 and 23:59).

I signed up for the Via Verde service. Do I have access to all associated services, such as, for example, payment for car parks or refuelling?

No. Guerin vehicles are equipped with a Via Verde device solely and exclusively for the Toll Service.

I did not sign up for the Guerin toll service. Can I do so in the middle of the contract?

The Toll Service is purchased at the beginning of the hire contract and is legally required. It allows payment for all toll roads in Portugal, including those with electronic tolls.

At the end of the rental, your staff cancelled the blocked charge on my credit card and gave me the cancellation slip, but my bank has not yet unblocked the amount. The information they have given me is that your cancellation request has not been received.

According to information from RedUnicre (the entity that manages credit card transactions in Portugal), cancellations made at the ATM terminal are made in real time to the issuing bank.  Proof of this is that the bank accepts the cancellation request and issues the cancellation slip as proof of the transaction.

International best practice dictates that Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners issuing banks have between 24 and 48 hours to reflect the cancellation request on the card statement/account.

Whenever there are exceptions to the above deadlines, the cardholder should contact Guerin at customerrelations@guerin.com.pt and request proof of cancellation and send it to their issuing bank.

I had an accident with the rented vehicle, how should I proceed?

You should complete the European accident statement provided with the contract documentation, paying attention to complete it properly. It is important that all fields are fully completed and that the statement is signed by the parties involved in the claim, so that it can be claimed from the insurance company.  Where there is disagreement between the parties, the competent authorities should be called upon to prepare a police report.

In both cases, the driver must present all documentation relating to the accident in his / her possession at a Guerin station. A contact email address should also be left in the rental contract so that the information regarding the completion of the process may be sent more expeditiously.

How long does it take to receive an answer regarding the claim process?

In processes involving a "European accident statement” duly completed and signed by the parties concerned, the process is completed in around 30 business days, so that, whenever there is doubt on the part of the insurance companies, the process may be extended beyond the usual time limit.

Is it necessary to wash and refuel the vehicle before dropping it off?

Yes, the car must be returned in the same condition as it was in when it was picked up. All necessary information is on the status sheet / contract delivered at the beginning of the contract. Failure to comply will result in additional costs.
All our vehicles are delivered to the Customer with the fuel tank full and they must be delivered under the same conditions. If it is not delivered under these same conditions, we will provide the refuelling service, charging the value of the fuel (which is normally higher than the price at traditional petrol stations) and the prevailing filling rate.

In the case of washing, there may be an additional cost in accordance with the following criteria:
- 1 -   31 € - Vehicles that are unusually dirty due to, for example:
Leftover food, bottles, garbage, papers, nappies, dog hair and sand only one seat.
- 2 -   62 € - The same damage as referred to under item 1 + unusually dirty bodywork (due to, for example, mud).
- 3 -   92 € - Stains on the seats, dog hairs and sand on more than one seat or in the luggage compartment.

I need to refuel the car, what fuel should I use?

You should check this information on the fuel filler cap. If, exceptionally, the information is not affixed, you should contact us, so we can check on our system.

I filled the vehicle up with the wrong fuel. What should I do?

If you have filled the vehicle up with incorrect fuel, you should immediately stop the vehicle and call the Travel Assistance service (via the telephone number:  214 405 046).

Please note that failure to stop the car may result in mechanical problems and additional costs.

Incorrect refueling will give rise to the following additional costs:
- 300€  IVA relating to the cleaning of the fuel tank
- Value of a full tank (value variable depending on fuel and vehicle used)

Can I smoke inside Guerin vehicles?

You cannot smoke inside GUERIN Vehicles.

Any evidence of such conduct collected on the vehicle determines the payment of a penalty by the Customer (150 €).