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My driving licence has been stolen. Can I optionally present a police report in order to be able to pick up the vehicle?

In order to pick up the vehicle, a DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) form attesting that you have submitted an application for a new driving licence must be presented.

In addition to the basic price of the car rental, are there any other costs?

There may be if you decide to sign up for an additional product that was not originally included in your reservation (additional excess reduction products, baby / child seat, GPS, etc.)

Can the car I rented be driven by anyone other than me?

No, on any reservation, only the person named in the rental agreement may drive the vehicle. However, if you want to include another driver, you can request the inclusion of an additional driver at the beginning of the rental. The presence of this driver at the location to present the required documents is mandatory. This service will have an additional cost of €9 per day (maximum of €180 per rental agreement).

Can I return the car later, after the time stated in the contract?

If you return the vehicle outside the expected period of the end of the contract, an additional daily rate will be charged based on our public rates (this amount also includes the additional value of all extras purchased at the beginning of the contract).
Please note that our contracts offer a 29-minute grace period. After this period has elapsed, an additional amount will be charged in 24-hour slots, according to our prevailing National Public Rates.

My contract includes several additional products. When I extend the contract, does the additional value only consist of the daily price of the car?

The extension of the contract presupposes its extension with respect to the rental of the vehicle as well as the services and conditions initially contracted. If you wish to change any of the contracted conditions or services, you will need to sign a new rental agreement, and to do so, go to any of our stations.

Is a specific driving licence required to drive a commercial vehicle?

In order to drive any of our vehicles, only a car driving licence is required.

Can I chose a specific make or model of car in advance?

All bookings are made to a group of vehicles with several similar models. Therefore, within the selected group, the vehicle that is currently available at the station will be available. If you wish to rent a particular vehicle, you should confirm your preference during the reservation, so that in case of availability, such preference is considered.

Can the value of the excess be reduced to 0€?

Yes, if you purchase additional protection products, such as the Premium Pack, Premium Gold Pack (includes wheel and window protection) or Platinium Pack. However, a credit card guarantee must be left in the driver's name of between €600 and €1,000, depending on the vehicle selected.
Packs cost between €20 and €41.50 per day, for a maximum of 15 days per rental contract (28 days).Glass and wheel protection costs €8 per day, for a maximum of 15 days per rental contract.
The limitations of liability do not apply in cases of violation of the rules of use of the vehicle, wilful or negligent conduct, non-compliance with the Highway Code or whenever the situations giving rise to liability occur when the Car is not driven by the Customer or by an Authorised Driver.

What payment methods are accepted by Guerin?

The payment methods accepted by Guerin are: debit card, MBWAY ( only Portugal) or credit card (valid for at least 30 days after the end of the booking).
Payments by cheque or cash are not accepted.
A credit card in the name of the main driver is always required for fuel deposits or excesses.

Can the payment / deposit be made at a different station from the pick-up location?

The payment / deposit can only be made upon picking up the vehicle, by the person named in the reservation.

Can I return the vehicle outside the opening hours of the station?

Yes, but this type of service is only available at the Airports of Lisbon, Porto, Faro,Funchal and Ponta Delgada. To do this, simply leave the documents in the glove compartment and the keys in the key boxes available for this purpose at our car parks.  

Can I pick the vehicle up outside the opening hours of the station?

Yes, by prior confirmation, we provide an 'Out of Hours' service at the stations of Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Ponta Delgada Airports. This service costs €44.60. 

What is the minimum age for renting a car from Guerin?

The minimum age for driving a Guerin vehicle is 21, with the exception of vehicles in groups G, H, L and O where a minimum age of 25 is required.
All drivers who have held their licence for more than 1 year but are under the age of 21 may drive a Guerin vehicle, subject to payment of an additional supplement. The "Young Driver Fee" only applies to groups MI, MIA, C, CA, E, E1, EA, J, J1,JA, SM, SMA, SC, SCA and F, FA and F1A.

Is there any service for delivering vehicles to and picking vehicles up from locations other than Guerin stations?

Deliveries and pick-ups, inside or outside the city limits of the cities where Guerin is represented, can be arranged upon request at the time of booking, but are always subject to confirmation. The deliveries and collections have an additional cost per service, variable according to the distance between the place and our nearest station as follows:
- 0 – 15 kms – 24.60€
- 16 – 30 kms – 43.05€
- + 30 kms – 61.50€

In this service we have a grace period of 20 minutes in delivery and collection. After this grace period there is no return to the place and the vehicle will have to be picked up / returned at one of our stations. In the event of collection after this grace period has elapsed, one additional day shall be charged. This service is not available on weekends.

Can I use the vehicle outside Portugal?

Guerin vehicles may be driven in any of the countries of the European Community and Switzerland but must be returned to a Guerin station in mainland Portugal. Guerin vehicles are not allowed to travel in Eastern European countries (except Slovenia and Slovakia) and / or Africa, as well as others included on the green card.

If you need to travel abroad without acceptance of the Top Assistance product, in the event of an accident or malfunction, the driver will be penalized up € 500 for the towing service to the closest Guerin rental location.
The same coverage accepted at the beginning of the rental remains in force.

How should I proceed if I decide to change / cancel and request a refund for my reservation?

You should inform us via the telephone number 210 100 200 or by email to

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

You may request a copy of your invoice by sending an email to indicating the reservation, voucher or contract number.

How can I make a complaint?

You can present your complaint by email to the Customer Support department ( who can analyse and clarify any issues.

How does Guerin protect my personal information and my credit card information online?

You can read our privacy policy, which is always updated, on our website Privacy Policy.

How will I know that my online booking has been confirmed?

You should receive a confirmation email at the email address provided at the time of booking. If this does not happen, please contact our Reservations Centre (tel: 210 100 200) or send an email to 

How can I sign up on the Guerin website? And how can I change my password?

You can sign up and change your password on our Login page.

What are promotional codes and how can I use them?

The promotional code entitles you to a special offer and can be used in the reservation process.

Do I gain any advantages by renting directly from Guerin?

Yes, online rentals arranged directly via our website offer seasonal rates and special offers exclusive to this platform.

Where can I rent commercial vehicles?

You can rent commercial vehicles at any GUERIN station, except for the stations of Lisbon Airport.

Is a specific driving licence required to drive a commercial vehicle?

In order to drive any of our vehicles, only a car driving licence is required.

I have made a reservation through the GUERIN online portal and I want to change its terms: I wish, for example, to add two days to the rental and / or to subscribe an extra product. How should I proceed?

If you need to change the terms of the reservation, you must cancel the reservation made online (through the website or reservation centre), at least 48 hours in advance, and the amount paid will be refunded. You must then make a new reservation with the changes you deem necessary and proceed with the payment.
Please be advised that, if cancellation is not made at the minimum time mentioned, the booking costs will be charged.

Do I have a limit on the number of kilometers that I can drive during my rental?

Yes, all rentals have a maximum limit of 2,000 kilometres; if you exceed this limit, each additional kilometre will cost 0.10€.

If I want to extend my rental by 1 or more days, will the price be the same?

The rental values are dynamic and change with a great cadence, so if you want to extend your contract (up to a maximum period of 28 days) surely the day values shown at the time of the extension will be different from the values on the date you made your reservation.