Guerin Launches Mobile Application Guerin Launches Mobile Application

Guerin has launched a Mobile Application in which it intends to increasingly strengthen its presence in the digital world, improving the entire experience of customers.

In this first version of the App, the main advantages are: 

Ease the process of Online Check-in

- Allows the customer to do your check-in, regardless of the business channel where the reservation is made.

Improved Customer Service

- The customer will benefit from a geolocation service to find the station that will best serve their destination. - Allows the client to choose one of our direct contacts for clarification of doubts or other matters, depending on the time of the reservation in which he is.

Access to Guerin UNIQUE Program

- The customer, when registering in the application, will automatically be enrolled in Guerin's new Loyalty Program, thus being able to enjoy unique advantages such as exchanging their points for Upgrades or Add-ons.

In order to encourage the download of the application and registration in the Guerin UNIQUE Program, Guerin has developed a launch promotion.

This initiative will allow the customer to register until the end of September, automatically achieve "LIVE" status and enjoy unique advantages until the end of the year, for example, access to the UNIQUE Line queue, which will be exclusively for loyal customers with "LIVE" and "LOVE" status.

Download, share and stay tuned for more news coming soon !
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